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The entire Parish shares in the joy of your child, and is privileged to participate in bringing a new Christian into the Church.

Sr. Sandy DeMasi, coordinates the SRL Baptismal process. Couples are encouraged to contact Sr. Sandy when they are pregnant or have recently given birth.

Please contact at 973-379-3912 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Baptism Process                                                                                   DSC 0050

All couples presenting a child/children for Baptism are encouraged to attend one of the gatherings listed above for initial information intake.  Parents presenting their first child for Baptism will also attend a Baptism Preparation Class at St. Rose.

The Baptism Celebration                                                                

The Church's Preparation Rites for the Sacrament of Baptism will take place on Saturday (the day before the baby's baptism at 12:30pm in St. Rose of Lima Church. The initial rite will include Parents, Child/Children and if possible Godparents.  The child should be dressed in a simple outfit (not the baptismal garment). The initial rites will be approximately 40 minutes.   

The Celebration of the Ceremony will continue on Sunday at the 12:30 PM Mass. The child should be brought to the church in a “one-zee” or another simple outfit. The child will be clothed during the celebration of the Sacrament after the pouring of the water. It is appropriate that the mother and godmother cloth the baby in the white Christening garment.

BaptismDatesWEB2019 2020

Baptism Dates are as follows:

Initial Rites  Baptism Celebration
2019  2019
Saturday, August 10
12:30 PM Sunday, August 11 12:30 PM Mass
 Saturday, September 7
 12:30 PM Sunday, September 8
12:30 PM Mass
 Saturday, October 5
 12:30 PM  Sunday, October 6
12:30 PM Mass
Saturday, November 9
12:30 PM Sunday, November 10
12:30 PM Mass
Saturday, December 7
12:30 PM Sunday, December 8
12:30 PM Mass

Initial Rites

    Baptism Celebration  
2020     2020  
Saturday, January 11 12:30 PM  Sunday, January 12 12:30 PM Mass
Saturday, February 8 12:30 PM   Sunday, February 9 12:30 PM Mass
Saturday, April 18 12:30 PM   Sunday, April 19 12:30 PM Mass
 Saturday, May 9 12:30 PM    Sunday, May 10 12:30 PM Mass
Saturday, June 20 12:30 PM   Sunday, June 21 12:30 PM Mass
 Saturday, July 18 12:30 PM   Sunday, July 19 12:30 PM Mass
 Saturday, August 8 12:30 PM    Sunday, August 9 12:30 PM Mass
Saturday, September 12 12:30 PM   Sunday, September 13 12:30 PM Mass




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