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Justin Ministry

Are you homebound and unable to get to Mass?  Recovering from a hospitalization or an illness?  Do you miss worshiping with your parish community?  

Our parish has a program called Justin Ministry that enables you to share the Sunday Gospel, hear about the homily, pray with someone, and receive Communion.  It involves Eucharistic Ministers especially trained to visit and bring Communion to those who cannot get to church, either temporarily or indefinitely.  


The following are comments from parishioners who are being visited by Justin ministers.

” It is a great comfort for me to have her visit every week and bring me
Communion and talk with me. She brings me the bulletin, which keeps me in touch with what is going on in the parish. In the years she has been coming we have become real friends.”

” I really look forward to her visits. We have developed a very close relationship.
Receiving Communion is the most important thing in my life. It may be more important for a shut-in. It is my faith that is getting me through, and the visit nourishes that.”

”A Eucharistic Minister brings Communion every week to my 94-year old sister who is bedridden with Alzheimer’s disease. She also arranged for a priest to administer the Anointing of the Sick. With God’s love, this has helped our family come together at this difficult time.”

“It is the most important time of the week for us, not only to receive Communion but to keep us in touch with our parish.”

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